Receive 20 FREE Hinge Strips with the Purchase of a Klo Custom Portfolio Book!

Free Hinge Strips with purchase- Klo PortfoliosKick off back to school with Klo Portfolios and receive 20 free hinge strips, a $27.95 value with the purchase of any custom portfolio book valid until October 12th, 2013.  Hinge strips take out the guess work of how to insert your work easily and professionally, allowing your pages to turn smoothly and look great.  You can learn more about them here.

Email us at and mention FREE HINGE STRIPS once you’ve placed your order through the Build Your Own Custom Portfolio Book page or via email.

Fresh is best and that’s why each custom portfolio book is cut to order, treated, and hand assembled  in our Vancouver studio.  We continue to collaborate and bring to life the vision of thousands of designers looking to make an impression on their viewer before they’ve even seen their work.

Have an idea or a design you’d like to bring to life?  Don’t be shy, email info@kloportfolios or call toll free 1-855-279-0558 :-)

Happy Creating!



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