Custom Graphic Design Die-cut Portfolio Book

What better way to make a memorable impression at your design graduation show or with a prospective employer than to wow them before you have even opened your custom portfolio book?

We pride ourselves on making one of a kind award-winning custom portfolios for design graduates, architects, ad agencies and anyone who needs to present their work in front of an audience.  We are there with you every step of the way from initial conception to final delivery.  Whether you need to speak with us over the phone or need on going consultation over email, we act as your first line of contact and your personal account rep.

That being said, let’s take a look at another unique custom portfolio book we created for a recent graphic design graduate.  This custom-cut 11 x 17 white acrylic portfolio with die-cut treatment on the cover allows the designer to be creative with the first page of their portfolio and have cool patterns and images pop out from beneath.

Feel free to visit our website or the Klo flickr page for more info and and photos on custom screwpost portfolio and presentation books.  Shoot us an email at info[at] if you have any questions.

Happy Creating 🙂


unique custom portfolio book

11 x 17 Custom-cut white acrylic portfolio book with die-cut treatment on the cover.

custom graphic design portfolio book

Close up of custom die-cut treatment on this 11 x 17 white acrylic screwpost portfolio.


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