Custom Portfolio Book with QR Code Engraving

We recently wrapped up this custom graphic design portfolio book with engraving treatment on the front and back.  Our client wanted a caramel bamboo portfolio book with his logo engraved on the cover and a QR code engraved on the back end which will lead viewers to his website.

This is a great example of providing your viewer with fast and easy access to your website, specs to a certain product you create or sell, or a promo video right on your custom portfolio.  Because of the intricate engraving of a QR code,  it also makes it nice to look at 🙂

If you’re looking for an awesome and unique graphic design, interior design, or fashion design custom portfolio that will stand out, visit the Klo Portfolios website to build your own custom portfolio.  Check out the Klo Flickr page for photos of our latest work.  Email info[at] if you have any questions.

Happy Creating


custom graphic designer portfolio book by klo portfolios

Custom graphic design portfolio book with logo engraving on the cover

QR code Engraving Klo Portfolios

This engraved QR code leads to the designer’s website.

custom bamboo portfolio books by kloportfolios

Logo engraving on this graphic design portfolio book





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