About Klo Portfolios

Klo’s mission is to create beautifully unique and customizable portfolio cases for visual designers.   With a background in both Marketing and Fashion,  owner Tarlan Seyedfarshi has set out to assist designers with making a memorable first impression with their hardcover portfolios .  The idea was born after creating a portfolio case for a design project in school.  She quickly realized the presentation and packaging of your work is just as important as the work itself.

Each custom portfolio case is crafted individually in Vancouver, BC.  They’re not mass-produced and we’re proud of it.  We work closely with you and are heavily involved in the process from the minute you dream up an idea, to the final delivery. Your custom portfolio case receives the utmost care and attention to detail, and lots of love in the process. We’re big on collaborations so if you have an idea, we want to hear about it.

For more info please visit Klo Portfolios or send an email to info[at]kloportfolios.com.


29 thoughts on “About Klo Portfolios

  1. Hey I just so happened to be surfing the web for custom portfolio cases. The ones you have on your blog are very unique, where can I go to get my customized?

  2. Hi, you have great custom portfolio work, my question to you is what is the price range for these designs such as the acrylic cases?

  3. Hi, I am really interested in your custom portfolios, as I have jsut finished my fashion degree and need something fantastic to dispaly my work. If you could get back to me on prices and options that would be great

  4. I will finished my fashion degree in this mei 2010 and need something fantastic to display my work for my final jury. If you could reply back to me on prices and options that would be great coz i’m really intrested.


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  6. Hi, I have a design show in June and am from England, UK. I am very impressed with your portfolio designs and was wondering if you would ship overseas?

    Thank you.

  7. Interested in a portfolio case; please send a link for details on lead time and price. Thank you.

  8. Hi
    I work for an interior design company and would need an A1 custom portfolio. We use foam display boards so how deep can you make the cases? Can you ship overseas and could you let me have a few options please? We only have a couple of weeks so would all of this be possible do you think? Could you also let me have an idea on the price?
    Thank you

  9. Hey,
    These look great and I’m interested in customizing one for myself. Could you give me a price range of what they usually cost? Thanks!

  10. Hi! I am in love with the portfolio designs and I’m interested in knowing costs, sizes etc… Thanks
    Please e-mail me the details if you can, thank you 🙂

  11. hey, i love your work…!!!
    im a fashion design student and is presently assemblin my portfolio.
    would like to know if you may make a A3 size portfolio which i require within next one month…….
    will really be helpful….

  12. Hello, I’m interested in redesigning my portfolio, it’s the A3 rectangular size on aluminum, but I’m not too happy with how it’s held up for three years, what materials would you recommend and what are your prices.

  13. Hi, I am really interested in your custom portfolios, could you please let me know what the Portfolios sizes come in, as i would like to show up to A3 size photographic paper.Who do I contact to discuss ordering my own custom portfolio cover?

  14. First off, I would just like to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books!!! Great Idea and beautifully done! I am a jewelry designer based out of Los Angeles and I am looking for a unique book for my tear sheets. I am in love with the black and shiny portfolio case with the hinges and screwposts with the engraving. Please email me so we can discuss this more in detail! Thank you!



  15. Hi:
    I am really impressed about those portfolio covers and want to get one!
    I have some question about details to construct one, I have emailed to info@kloportfolios.com but didn’t get a response, who should get in contact with to discuss about ordering one?
    thank you!

    • Hi Jing thank you for he kind words 🙂 I didn’t receive an email from you. Can you please resend it when you have a moment? My name is Tarlan and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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