Custom Graphic Designer Screwpost Portfolio Book with Engraving Treatment

Here’s another simple yet beautifully put together graphic design portfolio book that has been engraved on our custom-cut 11 x 14 landscape caramel bamboo material.   The bamboo darkens when it’s engraved so it gives it an awesome “burnt” look.  This screwpost portfolio is expandable and comes with screwpost extenders so you are able to add and remove up to 80-100 pages comfortably.

Customizing your own scrwepost portfolio book via Klo Portfolios gives you full creative control on the look and feel you’d like to achieve.  Whether it’s a simple logo engraving or die-cut, a full cover detailed engraving, or a custom vinyl decal treatment, we’ve got you covered.  Our custom portfolios are cut to order, treated, and hand assembled in our Vancouver studio so it’s fresh and made with love.  Want to take a peek at some of our work?  Visit the Klo Portfolios Flickr page for tons of photos.

Have a unique portfolio book idea you’d like to run by someone?  Email info[at] or call us toll free on the number listed on the contact page.

Custom bamboo portfolios

A custom-cut 11 x 14 bamboo portfolio book with logo engraving on the cover.

A closer look at this custom-cut bamboo portfolio book with engraving treatment by


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