Klo Portfolios Introduces Frosted Clear Custom Presentation Books

We’re excited to introduce our new frosted clear custom portfolios that can be treated with an engraving, cut-out, or vinyl decal treatments.  If you’re looking to customize a portfolio book that demands attention and gives the viewer an opaque sneak peek to the contents of your portfolio, this is perfect option.

This 11 x 17 custom-cut graphic design portfolio book has been engraved and includes a vinyl decal inlay for maximum impact.  Visit Klo Portfolios for more information on how you can personalize and order your own effortlessly.  View our Flickr page for our latest work and inspiration to help you achieve the perfect look.  If you have any questions, shoot us an email (or just say hello) at info[at]kloportfolios.com.  Don’t be shy!

Happy Creating



Frosted clear custom portfolio book

Custom cut frosted clear screwpost portfolio with engraved vinyl decal inlay

A closer look at the semi-transparent frosted clear customized portfolio cover with engraving and vinyl decal treatments


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