Custom Brushed Aluminum Fashion Designer Portfolio

Our client was looking for an over-sized 14 x 17 brushed aluminum portfolio book that would make a statement.  We went with a logo engraving on the cover which reveals the black polyethylene core of the brushed aluminum material.  The result:  A sharp and impeccable black logo engraving that stands out in contrast to the stealth shiny aluminum.

We can help you create your own custom fashion designer portfolio book that will pop out from the rest.  Learn how to by reading our simple design guide that will help you prep your files and visit the Klo Flickr page for examples of our latest work.  If you have any questions, shoot us an email at info[at]

Happy Creating!



Custom 14x 17 aluminum portfolio book

Custom 14 x 17 portrait portfolio book with engraving treatment on the cover revealing the black polyethlyene core

custom engraved aluminum portfolio book

A close up of the custom engraving treatment on this brushed aluminum portfolio book




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