NEW Caramelized Custom Bamboo Portfolios Available!

We’re very excited to offer custom portfolio books cut from our new caramelized finish bamboo.   Klo portfolios are cut to order so you get the freshest custom portfolio book there is.  We don’t mass manufacture and everything is completed and hand assembled in our Vancouver studio.

This 11 x 17 bamboo graphic design portfolio book features the new caramelized finish with a custom engraving treatment on the cover.  Both cut-out and vinyl decal treatments are also available on all custom bamboo portfolio books. 

Visit our website to learn more about how you can create your own personalized portfolio book or visit the Klo Flickr Gallery to see some of our latest work.

Oh!  We finally got with the times and started a Facebook page so check it out for the latest news, inspirational links, and feedback from our customers!

Happy Creating to all 🙂



custom bamboo portfolio

11 x 17 caramalized finish bamboo screwpost portfolio with custom engraving detail

A coser look at the engraving treatment on this custom caramalized bamboo portfolio


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