Custom White Acrylic Graphic Design Screwpost Portfolio with Engraving and Cut-out Treatments

We recently completed another 11 x 17 white acrylic graphic design screwpost portfolio with cut-out and engraving treatments.  The cut-out treatment exposes the the first page of your portfolio from the cover so it’s an awesome look if you’re looking for something that will garner a lot of attention and is fresh looking.  Portfolio engravings work best for a classic and elegant look or for designs that are more intricate and detailed.

Learn more about how to customize your own custom portfolio book by peeking at the Klo Portfolios website or check out our latest work on the Klo Flickr page.  Have a custom portfolio case idea of your own?  Drop us a line at info[at]  We want to hear about it, it’s our job!

Happy Friday and Happy Creating!


custom white acrylic screwpost portfolio

11 X 17 white acrylic screwpost portfolio with both cut-out and engraving treatments

die-cut portfolio covers

The first page of work will peek through the front cover of the cut-out treatment and creates a high impact look



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