Photographer Bamboo Screw Post Portfolio with Custom Engraving Treatment

We recently created this 11×8.5 portrait, custom bamboo portfolio with a logo engraving on the cover.  All of our products are screw post portfolios so you’re easily able to add and remove your work.  A bamboo portfolio book is perfect for designers who would like to showcase their work with a more organic look and feel.  When your logo is engraved on the bamboo portfolio cover, it creates a “burnt” look that is very authentic and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

If you’re looking for a custom bamboo graphic design portfolio book, or an acrylic fashion design portfolio, or perhaps an aluminum screwpost portfolio for your showroom, visit Klo Portfolios and learn more about how you can customize your own portfolio book for yourself or your business. Feel free to peruse through the Klo Flickr Gallery to see examples of custom portfolios we’ve created.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to email info[at] and we’ll be happy to learn more about your design idea.

As always dear e-friends….

Happy creating!

photography portfolio book

11x8.5 bamboo screwpost portfolio with custom engraving on the cover

custom bamboo screw post portfolio

Here's a close up of the custom engraving on this bamboo screw post portfolio


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