Interior Designer Portfolio Book: 11 x 14 White Acrylic with custom Engraving and Cut-out Treatments

This white acrylic, 11 x 14 graphic design screwpost portfolio includes a cut-out treatment on the logo, and an engraving of the designer’s name.  The cut-out treatment allows work to pop from inside the portfolio so it’s a great effect that will keep your portfolio looking fresh and prospective clients drooling before you’ve even opened up your work!

If you’re looking for a unique custom portfolio solution, visit Klo Portfolios and learn more about how you can customize your own portfolio.   Our design guide will explain how you can easily submit your design file for fabrication.

As always, feel free to contact us with your questions or if you have a cool portfolio book idea you’d like to discuss at info[at]

Happy Creating!


interior designer portfolio book

11x14 white acrylic portfolio book with custom cut-out and engraving detail


custom interior designer portfolio case

A closer look at the custom engraving and cut-out treatments on this 11 x 14 white acrylic screwpost portfolio


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