Graphic Designer Portfolio Book: Custom Engraving and Die-cut Cover

This custom, 11×14 landscape portfolio book includes a name engraving and a die cut logo on the cover.  These two treatments are a great combination and offer varied textures that make the custom portfolio very unique.  The wing design has been cut-out so that the first page of  of the graphic designer’s portfolio will peek through.  This makes for a striking look when you have a great visual as the introduction to your portfolio.

You can learn more about customizing your own portfolio book by visiting Klo Portfolios.  Fee free to peruse through the Klo Flickr gallery for inspiration or ideas of what is available.  Drop us a line at info[at] if you have any questions or an idea you would like to run by us.

Happy creating my friends!


custom engraved portfolio book

Black acrylic screwpost portfolio book with custom die-cut logo and name engraving

custom portfolio book in acrylic

A closer look at the custom die-cut logo treatment on the portfolio cover

custom screwpost black acrylic portfolio book

A close up of the graphic designer's name engraved on to the custom portfolio book


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