Custom Graphic Designer Portfolio Book with Engraving Detail

What happens when a graphic designer sets out to create a custom portfolio book inspired by the simplistic aesthetic of Apple?  You get the iMatt.  This 11×11 white acrylic screwpost portfolio embodies the artist’s sense of growth through their portfolio by creating subtle story surrounding the “Evolution of Matt”.   Matt’s design and logo is done as an engraving both on the portfolio cover and the inside cover.  The “i” is done as a cut-out which lines up with the logo positioning on the inside cover of the portfolio book.

The high gloss and the matte engraved area creates a smashing combination that is sure to catch the viewer’s attention.  All Klo Portfolios are uniquely created when you order.  We don’t mass produce and work very closely with you to get it just right.  They are hand assembled with lots of love in Vancouver, Canada.

If you are looking for a unique and custom portfolio book solution, feel free to peruse the Klo Portfolios website or email info[at]  Have an idea you’d like to run by us?  Don’t be shy 🙂

Happy creating!


Custom white acrylic portfolio book

11x11 custom portfolio with engraving treatment and rounded corners

custom white acrylic portfolio

A close up of the custom engraving detail on the white acrylic portfolio book

white acrylic screwpost portfolio book

Inside cover of the custom white acrylic portfolio book with an engraving treatment on the inside cover

interior of custom screwpost portfolio

A close up of the engraving and cut-out treatment on the interior of this white acrylic screwpost portfolio book


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