Custom Bamboo Portfolio Book with Logo Cut-out

Freshly made is this custom bamboo portfolio book with a logo cut-out on the cover.  This 14 x 17 screwpost portfolio is perfect for those who are looking for something a bit more substantial.  It works well if larger prints are more of a priority for you when showcasing your work to prospective clients.  I personally love the look of a die-cut logo on bamboo because the interior edges darken and create a very bold and striking look.  What do you think?

Looking for a unique custom portfolio or presentation solution?Visit Klo Portfolios for more info on how you can customize your own custom portfolio book or take a gander through the Klo Flickr page for more examples of our work and inspiration.

Happy Creating!
custom bamboo portfolio book

14x17 custom bamboo portfolio book with logo cut out on the cover.

Custom bamboo screwpost

Interior look at this custom bamboo screwpost portfolio book

Close up of logo cut-out on bamboo portfolio book

A close-up of the custom logo cut-out on the cover of this bamboo screwpost portfolio


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