Portfolio Book Design: 11X17 White Acrylic with Die-cut Logo Treatment

This 11 x 17  graphic designer portfolio book has been created out of white acrylic and includes a die-cut treatment on the logo.  The first page of the portfolio will pop up from underneath the logo cut-out and add a dash of color and differentiation to this designer’s packaging and work.

Cut-out/die-cut treatments on portfolio books look best with larger logos that don’t have a lot of detail.  If your portfolio design has small fonts or a detailed design, engraving your custom portfolio is the way to go.  Find out more about Klo Portfolios and the treatments we can apply to make your custom portfolio book on our website.  All Klo Portfolios are made to order and only produced when one is ordered.  They are handcrafted and hand assembled in beautiful Vancouver, Canada so you know we don’t mess around.

Have an idea for your own custom portfolio?  Email us at info[at]kloportfolios.com and let’s make beautiful things happen 🙂


11x17 custom acrylic portfolio

11x17 portrait acrylic portfolio with custom logo cut-out treatment

11x17 custom presentation book

A close up of the cut-out treatment on this custom graphic design portfolio book


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