Fashion Design Portfolio Book with Engraving and Die-Cut Treatments

This custom fashion design screwpost portfolio book has been made from white acrylic and includes the designer’s name as a cut-out, and her designation as an engraving.  I love the look of white acrylic because it’s timeless and very modern.  Also, the cut-out treatment allows for the designer’s work to peek through which adds to the aesthetic when the portfolio is first seen.

Did you know that we can make your custom portfolio book in a semi-custom size?  We require that the length of the binding side is either 11.75, 14.75, or 17.75 inches.  The width is up to you!

For more information on how to build and order your own custom portfolio book, visit Klo Portfolios.   Give us a shout at info[at] if you have any q’s.

Happy creating to all!



custom white acrylic portfolio book

This Fashion Design portfolio book includes a cut-out treatment as well as a custom engraving



custom white acrylic screwpost portfolio book

Close up of the die-cut and engraving treatments on the white acrylic portfolio book




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