New Year, New Site

Klo custom portfolio case site

Send in a request along with your design file for a custom portfolio case


I’m pleased to announce the launch of Klo Portfolios.  It’s been a long time coming and a huge labor of love, sweat and tears 🙂  You can read a bit about the history of Klo, view the gallery, and send in a request to have your own custom portfolio case built via the “Build Your Own” page.

Currently custom portfolio cases are available in :

11 x 8.5 Portrait

11x 14 Portrait & Landscape

11 x 17 Portrait & Landscape

14 x 17 Portrait & Landscape

Semi-custom sizes are available with one length being 11, 14, or 17 inches.

You’ll be able to choose from 4 different sizes, 3 types of materials, and 3 types of treatments via the guided Build Your Own page.  You can download one of the design templates and upload your ai file when you send in your request.  Also, the Design Guide will take you through how to prepare your files.

Once you’ve sent in the request, I’ll be in touch to finalize with a proof and payment.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at info[at]  Onwards and upwards!


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