Klo Portfolios: NEW Colors and Materials Available

Hoooray for more choices!   Klo Custom Portfolios are now available in the following dashing colors and materials:


– Crimson Red
– Royal Blue
– Forest Green
– Snow White
– Midnight Black


Bamboo is light, stiff, and incredibly strong making it an ideal material for a portfolio case.  This particular bamboo contributes to LEED™ (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

Aluminum Composite

I’m also excited to offer an extremely durable and stunning aluminum composite that will be sure to turn a head or two.  Other than having a lustrous exterior, this material has a solid black  polyethylene core that will show through when engraved or cut out.  This material is available in:
– Brushed Silver
– Brushed Bronze
Feel free to email me if you have any questions at info[at]kloportfolios.com
acrylic portfolio cases

Klo Portfolios available in green, white, blue, red, and black acrylic

bamboo portfolio case

Klo Portfolios availabe in Amber Bamboo

Brushed aluminum portfolio case

Klo Portfolios now availabe in brushed silver and brushed bronze aluminum

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