Bamboo Custom Portfolio Cases Now Available

Bamboo custom portfolio case

Bamboo portfolio case


I did some shopping this weekend and am pleased to announce that I’ve added natural bamboo to the material list.  Let’s geek out on some facts about this particular type of bamboo:

  • is 25% harder than oak and 12% harder than maple
  • More dimensionally stable than maple
  • contributes to LEED™ (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) – MR Credit 6:Rapidly Renewable Materials and IEQ Credit 4:Low-Emitting Materials

Custom portfolio cases are now available in black and white acrylic as well as bamboo.  I’ll be adding a few more exciting materials to the list so check back!

As always,  don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you want to discuss your dream portfolio case at info[at]

2 thoughts on “Bamboo Custom Portfolio Cases Now Available

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