Inspiration Injection: Andy Gilmore

Lately I’ve been drawn to geometric art and have been inspired by the relationship of corresponding shapes and colours.   Although I wasn’t exactly a top student when it came to geometry in school, I find it fascinating and soothing.  Being one of the oldest sciences,  geometry is considred the DNA of Design.

Sacred Geometry is used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art.  The basic belief is that mathematical ratios and geometry, harmonics, and proportion are found in music, light, nature, and cosmology.  Sacred Geometry was the foundation to building sacred structures such as temples, monuments, mosques, churches, and altars among other structures.

Here’s a look at the work of designer Andy Gilmore, a New York based designer and musician whose colourful pieces take on a kaleidoscopic and geometric style.  His love and practice of music can be seen in his work as he represents the physics of sound acoustics.

To view more of Andy’s work, you can visit his website here.

Photos Courtesy of


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