12 Fashion Website Designs You’ll Love

You know how it goes:  You don’t have a second chance to make a great first impression and this can’t be anymore true for brands in the online realm.  I’ve compiled a showcase off 12 fashion brands that in my opinion, have gone beyond the ordinary confines of website design, and have created dynamically intriguing and captivating websites.   The products are presented in a fun and interactive manner, allowing the visitor to engage with the site and it’s content. 

If you have any fashion related websites that you love, please share!




























Need Supply









Mar’s New Bags









Amanda Wakely









My o My


























Chaussettes Archiduchesse









Alexandra Owen








Oh! Nena


3 thoughts on “12 Fashion Website Designs You’ll Love

  1. Great post, nice to see someone else with a passion for digital fashion media. For me the Acne website is best, partly because i’m slightly in love with their logo, not 100% sure what the font is, but looks a lot like Grouch.

    American Apparel is still my favourite fashion retailer site though!

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