Graphic Designer Custom Portfolio Case

Recently we finished another custom art portfolio case for a designer who wanted to brand her work and portfolio with her signature look.  We worked with white acrylic and mirrored plexiglass to create this look.   This portfolio case was a lot of fun to create since we got to try out some new techniques that worked to our advantage.

The portfolio case is hinged with screwposts + extenders so that a larger amount of work can be put in at any one time. To see other portfolio’s we’ve done you can visit the Klo Portfolios website or learn how to order your own custom portfolio case.

Say hello if you have some questions at info[at]

portfolio case graphic designer

Custom portfolio case cut-out + engraving

custom portfolio case

Hinged + Screwpost portfolio case

portfolio case

white acrylic portfolio case


Name engraving with mirror

custom portfolio case graphic designer

Hinged + screwpost portfolio case

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