How to Create a Custom Portfolio Case

UPDATE: Visit Klo Portfolios and learn how you can order your own customized portfolio case.

So you’ve finished school, or, you’ve finished putting together a kick-ass portfolio of your work and and your ready to conquer the world.  The only daunting question remains, how are you going to set yourself apart while showcasing your talent?  There are a ton of generic portfolio cases available for purchase online, in your local art supply store, or even at Staples.  And there’s nothing wrong with choosing that route, but if you want to set yourself apart from the get-go, then read on.

Inset Portfolio Case

Inset Portfolio Case

I had to create a presentation for a course in my Fashion Design program and I wanted to deliver the full “package”.  The end result was showcasing my work in a custom portfolio that I created with the help an amazing designer Amir Aziz.  It was at that moment that I fully realized the power of presentations   It’s going to take a bit more effort and creativity to leave a lasting impression these days, especially with the plethora of talent out there, the speed of ingenuity, and the tools available.  The good news is that it’s definitely possible and you can easily have a custom portfolio case that will present and compliment your work beautifully.  We have designed several custom portfolio cases for designers, photographers, and artists alike and so I’ve boiled it down to these 4 essential questions that you should answer. 

1.  Who will be seeing your portfolio?

Will you be showcasing your work to potential clients and employers that are reserved and conservative or are they funky and modern?  Will they appreciate a subtle touch of customization or do they want to be wowed?  Think about this when you design the shape of your portfolio, color, and the positioning and nature of your logo/design elements. How will the design of your porfolio maximize the appeal of your work?

2.  What is the main medium of your work?

Will your work be photographs, illustrations on glossy paper, photocopies, or something else all together?  Will you use page protectors?  How often do you want to add/remove work from your portfolio?  This question will help you decide whether you should have a hinged portfolio, an inset portfolio, or something completely different.  It will also determine the thickness of you portfolio.

Hinged Portfolio Case w/Mirrored Accents Inset

Hinged Portfolio Case w/Mirrored Accents Inset

3.  How do you want to customize your portfolio?

Will your portfolio cover be a cut intricate design or will you be more contemporary with a focus on your logo?  Will you choose a bright color, accents such as mirrored plexiglass, or go with a crisp black or white aesthetic?  What will be the size of your portfolio? Will it be a standard size like 11 x 17 or do you want a custom size and shape?

4.  How will the portfolio best represent you?

Will you include a signature logo or quote that you associate with you and your work?  Is your portfolio going to carry a theme that is line with your portfolio or will it be more generic and simple?

Hinged Portfolio Case w/Mirrored Accents

Hinged Portfolio Case w/Mirrored Accents

The most important thing to remember is to keep this process fun.  There is an infinite number of combination’s and permutations that you can have in order to represent yourself and your work at its best.  Once you’ve answered these questions and you know what it exactly it is you’re after, the rest will flow easily.  Good luck and have a blast!

For more info on custom portfolio cases, visit  Klo Portfolios or drop me a line at info[at]


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