Teo Jasmin Graphic Upholstery

How do you escape the Ikea furniture funk?

Enter Teo Jasmin in France.  They’ve set out to create fun, fashionable and extraordinary upholstery for your home that will have your guests looking twice before sitting down .  Featuring graphic prints and photos, you can take personalizing your living room to the next level.  I had a chance to chat with Laurent Auxietre, creative director of Teo Jasmin about his business, his roots, and his plans for the future.  Please see the full interview below. 

Check out Teo Jasmin’s wide range of items including cushions, canvas, and decorative stickers.  Visit their website for more information.

How did this idea come to life?  What was the inspiration?

Well, I was originally a freelance graphic designer, and I always wanted to create something new for home decoration, something that had never been seen before. It got started in 2001 when I created the company Teo Jasmin with very little means, but the concept of canvas prints for wall decoration was a big success right from the start. Then additional products came up to complete the range of products such as cushions and furniture. This fall, the range is again extended with notebooks and trendy bags, still using the same concept of digital printing.

What was the hardest part of starting this business?

Keeping faith in project, it’s never easy when you start on your own. Now Teo Jasmin is a team of 10 people.  We have graphic designers in our trend office and people in the warehouse for manufacture.

Do you sell to North America?

Not yet, but it is in our plans. Soon or later we’ll be selling there.

What other additions might you make to your product line?

We have trendy bags and notebooks coming out this fall. Check them out soon on our website; they’re going to be striking!

Where would you like to see Teo Jasmin in the future?

Everywhere! It’s a long way to go still, but again it’s a matter of keeping faith in what we do.

Teo JasminTeo Jasmin UpholsteryTeo Jasmin Upholstery


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