Chanel Plexiglass Briefcase

I’m a fan of all things plexiglass because of it’s durability, easy handling, and its semi-opaque qualities. Apparently Mr. Karl likes those qualities as well and so he has done it again with what some call a “brilliant” briefcase for Chanel.

I definitely give him points for ingenuity, but I don’t think its a very attractive product. I find it  fascinating that it’s so much easier for society to accept a product whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or not, as long as it’s a designer brand.  Sometimes products like these are meant to widen our scope and take us out of the regular rut of accepted aesthetics.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  What do you think?

Chanel Plexiglass Briefcase

Chanel Plexiglass Briefcase

Photo Courtesy of Art School Vets

2 thoughts on “Chanel Plexiglass Briefcase

  1. yeah i think i made a post about it too. i really DON’T LIKE IT i think it is really ugly. not something i would wear.

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