Polyvore- Fashion Marketing Tool for Bloggers and Beyond!

This site stopped me dead in my tracks.  And by that I mean I spent more than 5 minutes on it.   Polyvore is an easy to use web-based application that can be to make collages by mixing and matching images from anywhere on the web.  It’s been steadily gaining praise from fashion bloggers, trend reporters, and creatives for its ability to create and share pictures based on personal style.

Looking to showcase your line to millions of users but you don’t have a huge budget?  Designers can set up a feed with their products to that they appear on Polyvore where they well be exposed to millions of bloggers, trend reporters, fashionistas, and buyers among others.  The more your products are used by others, the more they are promoted by the site and seen by a larger audience.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone really.

Their Sponsor a Contest feature allows your brand to have even more exposure among the online community and your target market.

To this we say….. GENIUS!

Check out my collage that I created for kicks and get in on the action by going Polyvore.

Good girl/Bad girl
Good girl/Bad girl - by kloagency on Polyvore.com


3 thoughts on “Polyvore- Fashion Marketing Tool for Bloggers and Beyond!

  1. Thats a very interesting concept. As someone who worked on many of the worlds top brands I can certainly see the benefit that any brand would get from this. I also see how this could move into other types of categories like furniture. The other aspect would be for these looks you create to be purchased or transfered to things like the game sims or second life. Then I think the true potential would be found. You actually create a new area for sales rather than just try and see kind of approach. I think this is a great example of how when you think like a kid it opens up opportunities. How many times has this kind of thing been seen in little girls bedrooms playing dress up. Kids have more to show us than we them sometimes. Very interesting and nice entry.
    Take care
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