New Lanvin Ad Campaign

Who would have thought… Couture + Lego?  Lanvin, that’s who.  Check out their new ad campaign inspired by Lego and Pacman made by Hartland Villa, a French Production Agency.

It’s sure to please the couturier in all of us.  Throw in a commodore64 or a Sega system, and they’ll win the hearts of 80’s babies all around the world!








One thought on “New Lanvin Ad Campaign

  1. i’m very surprised at this add campaign but being abit of an 80’s babe myself i did smile at it. actually i’d never heard of Lanvin until i picked the name out of a box for my fashion studies. i wonder if Jeanne Lanvin would have liked this campaign, had she been alive today. i must say a very different twist and i will be quoting this site when i do my assignment on Lanvin.

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