Dina Gonzalez Mascaro -Jewellerbau

Recently I had the pleasure of stepping into the magical wonderland of Jeweller Dina González Mascaró of Argentina who currently resides in Vancouver and has opened up Jewellerbau on Mainstreet, Vancouver. Jewellerbau doubles as an art gallery that showcases the works of both local and international artists as well as jewellery designers.

As soon as you walk into her store/studio you get the sense that her goods are out of this world.  Her pieces are all hand crafted, one of a kind, and extremely mighty in appearance.  In her blog she writes:

I was born in Argentina, forty two years ago.
I have a masters in visual arts from the University of La Plata.
I’m a sculptor, painter and drawer.
I have been making jewellery since 1988.
For 6 years I’m living and working in Vancouver.
For 3 years I’m renting this space that before was Gallery42
and now is Jewellerbau, were I intend to show my series of work in silver,
sometimes in gold or another metals.
My stuff is waiting to find it’s owners.
My objects are one of a kind, I never repeat a ring or object.

They deserve it (and i can’t do it really I’m not a jeweller).

Her material of choice includes silver, copper, and bronze although she hopes to add gold to the repertoire in the near future.  Her pieces demand attention with their undeniable architectural grace and a raw energy.

Dina is inspired by Kurt Schwitters’ merzbau installations of the 1920’s and this is reflected on store’s aesthetic  which is described  ” like an ongoing performance on the shop walls, a BAU-construction, building, sculpture, object, etc”.

The best part about this retail store is that it all came together serendipitously- literally.  Co-owner and Architect Joelle Cionaspoke to me about how major components of the store such as their high-end track lighting system, jewellery displays, flooring, and sliding glass windows that make up the walls of Dina’s shop inside the store.  Both close friends and strangers donated their time and passed on equipment they felt would serve a better purpose.  It’s amazing what the power of intent can manifest in our lives, Jewellerbau being a perfect example.

Visit their blog and follow them on their journey via updates, pics, and more.  If you live in the Vancouver area or visiting be sure to drop by:



2408 Main Street Vancouver BC, Canada.

Phone number: 604-8727759

Email: canzata@yahoo.com.ar

Photos Courtesy of: http://jewellerbau.blogspot.com


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