Retail Tip: Designing an Attractive Shelving Display

Prada Flagship Store in Tokyo

Prada Flagship Store in Tokyo

Here’s the scenario.  You walk into a clothing store and you either can’t find what you’re looking for, or a the place looks messy.

How a retailer shelves their products makes a tremendous difference on the look of the store.  For example, jewelry that is hung on a plastic rack will always look much more inexpensive that if it were hung in a glass case.

Marketing Research shows that when people walk into a store, they are much more likely to turn right so you can use this to your advantage.  Your higher priced merchandise can be placed on the right and your lower priced merchandise on the left.

Also, studies have found that shoppers tend to look more at shelved products at eye level rather than above or below.  I’m sure you’ve experienced this at the grocery store aisle where suddenly your eye sways a little and you realize there’s products that you’ve never even noticed before!  That being said, you can use this to your advantage by placing overstock on the bottom shelves and your main products at eye leovel.

Some other tips include:

  • Avoid having empty shelves or on the other hand, overcrowded shelves
  • Be creative!  Use decorations to draw attention to certain shelves and to spice up the environment.  I once saw framed pictures of various staff members having a ball on display all around the store.
  • Try to keep folded clothes on a table to a minimum.  Shoppers rummage through them to find their size so it’s harder to keep clean.  Also, subconsciously, the merchandise can lessen in value in the eyes of a shopper.

So use your space wisely and remember that you can alter the positioning of your merchandise just by how you’ve arranged it.


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