My 2 cents: Marketing Tips for Fashion Designers

You have the most immaculate collection anyone could ever lay eyes on.

You’ve really done it this time and it’s an absolute masterpiece!

The million dollar question is who is going to see it and how? I often come across extremely talented designers who have put so much sweat and tears into their work that there’s nothing left for the other ingredient: marketing and promotions.  Even on a shoe string budget, you can grab yourself some well deserved exposure.  Here are some very easy to do tips:

Biz Cards

Create unique business card that tell people something about you and your aesthetic and hand it out to everyone you meet.

Join Linked In

LinkedIn is in a nutshell, Facebook for professionals.  Although you can’t “poke” and install a gazillion applications on your page, you can join networks like the Fashion Designers or Fashion Entrepreneurs and start connecting.

Online Boutiques

Gain some exposure, feedback, and sales through online boutiques such as Etsy, Lovli, Dawanda, and Fashion Space


Do it yourself or get help from a PR rep but this is a must if you want to present yourself in a professional manner and get some coverage through magazines/newspapers/blogs.  Your presskit can be sent to media and potential retailers whom you would like to connect with.  It should include: Letter of introduction, your bio, info about your work, high resolution pictures of your collection, any past press coverage, contact information, and a sample news story.  The sample news story is your chance to guide the media or your reader.

The key is how you put it all together.  There’s a lot more impact when the packaging is creative and professional rather than slapped together in a 3 ring binder.  It doesn’t have to be an award winner but you can certainly inject some of your creative stamina into it.

Become Your Own Spokesperson

Wear your clothes everywhere.  Tell people what you do and your story (when appropriate of course).  You are a walking, breathing, 3D advertising machine.

Get Online… NOW!

This is a pretty obvious one but still, I find so many designers don’t have websites because they think they have to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy, flash infested website (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  If you don’t have the dough to create a website then create a blog and get your portfolio, contact info, Collection info, photoshoot, and anything else that you feel you want people to see.

Product Placement

Contact stylists in your area and let them know about you, send them your presskit (this is where it’s handy!) and see if they would be interested in using your clothing in future shoots.  It’s a win-win situation.  The stylist gets some product to use and you get free advertising.

The key is to get out there in any shape way or form and meet people, interact, and showcase your talent because you never know what’ll manifest out of it

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